Zeno Consulting, Inc.

Welcome to Zeno Consulting, Inc.

Zeno Consulting, Inc. is a software and technology consulting firm started by Davis Ford in 2005.

I received my undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and my Master of Science in Computer Science from Wayne State University.

I have 17+ years of experience building complex software systems with domain expertise in telecom, computer hardware, networking, automotive, telematics, and geographic information systems. My career spans small embedded system development to large enterprise solutions. I can build the whole stack from the scalable back-end to the user interface.

As a consultant, some of my clients include

I'm a true "generalizing specialist" with both breadth and depth. I am well-read technically, and I apply that knowledge to solve problems in unique, uncharacteristic ways that provide a technical advantage. I am not a paper architect. I can code well in many languages and lead teams.


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